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 The company owned excellence performance and honors: "China's Large Scale Enterprises ", "China's Top 100 Electrical Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises", "China's Electronic Information Best 100 Enterprises", "Shandong Provincial Top 100 Industrial Enterprises", "Provincial level garden-style Enterprises" etc. The party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wu Guanzheng, Luo gan Tian Jiyun and Minister of Information Industry Ministry Mr. Wu Jichuan have visited the company and evaluated highly. 

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Hongan Group Co., Ltd. wasfounded in 1985 and headquartered in Wendeng District,Weihai City, ShandongProvince. As a professional manufacturer of optical communication products ,Hongan integrates R&D, production, sales and service together and its productscover optical fiber preforms, optical fibers& cables, and optical networkproducts. It is one of the few domestic high-tech enterprises that have acomplete industrial chain.

Hongan Group adheres to the concept of high quality and stablemanufacturing, persists in innovation-driven, optimizes and adjusts theindustrial structure, increases supply-side reforms, and strives to build anindustrial chain structure with core competitiveness. The company has invested300 million yuan to build an optical fiber production base with 6 towers, 12lines in first-phase, 6 towers,12 lines in second-phase; 600 million yuan tobuild a production base with an annual output of 200 tons of optical fiberpreform, and will  continue to invest an additional 1.5 billion yuan to ultimatelyachieve the annual output of 600 tons of ultra-low loss optical fiber preform.

Depending on world-class ultra-low loss optical fiber preformpreparation technology and ultra-high speed optical fiber drawing production technology,relying on the industry's earliest national postdoctoral workstations andseveral provincial and municipal level R&D platforms, Hongan Group has achievedconsiderable development and reached advanced foreign level in the field ofoptical fiber preforms, optical fibers and fiber optic cables.

Hongan Group advocates “customer-centered, market-oriented” operationphilosophy,bases on the customer and market requirement, strengthens theoutput line construction by systematization, standardization transformation andsmart manufacturing application, improves product quality and productionefficiency, is a reliable partner for customers.

Development History
Hongan Electric Cable Factory was established
Hongan Optical Cable Company was established
Hongan Data Cable Company was established
Weihai Changhe Optelecom Science CO.,LTD was established

Hongan Group will seize the opportunity, accumulate experience, continue to enlarge and strengthen the main business of optoelectronic communication cables, and create more success for the revival of China's information industry

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